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Team Building
High Challenge
High Challenge
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Team Building

"What I hear, I forget, what I see, I remember--what I do, I understand."

The Venture staff LOVE providing team building programs for a variety of UNC Charlotte groups of all types as well as corporate, community and youth groups of all types.  Each program is catered to the specific needs, goals and objectives of the current group and can range from general fun to generic team building to addressing intense group issues.  The various options we offer are listed below.  It is possible to have a program that combines two or more of these options.

The Mobile Program engages groups to assist them in addressing a variety of goals. These are available as an indoor or outdoor event and can occur either on campus or off campus. The focus of the program will be tailored to the needs of the group. Commonly our mobile programs consist of icebreakers, get-to-know-you activities, and basic problem solving activities. For on campus groups this typically this occurs in a one to two hour time frame. We also offer fun and challenging activities that focus on more specific issues to address conflict resolution, communication breakdowns or feelings of frustration with-in the group.  Our mobile program tend to be less physically demanding than our other  options. 

Like our Mobiles, the Team Challenge Course (TC) has been successfully used by a wide variety of groups including: youth groups, college sports teams, student clubs and organization and non-UNC affiliated business groups. Much like the Mobile program, the Team Challenge Course involves various problem solving tasks to be completed on a low challenge course involving cables, logs and ropes.  For a group to be successful; planning, cooperation, trust and individuals taking on leadership roles is required. For most groups, a TC session can be a fun way to accelerate the process of breaking down personal barriers and build trust and cohesion within the group. Programs are individually tailored to address the goals and objectives provided by the coordinator of the group.

The High Team Challenge 'ODYSSEY' Course (HTC - Odyssey) provides for flexible programming. A session at the HTC can focus along a variety of client needs from recreation to personal growth. The Odyssey is an extention of the teamwork focus found in our  mobile or TC programs, but adds a new level of intensity since it all takes place from 3 feet to 35 feet in the air.  Individuals stretch the boundaries of their comfort zone while working together within small pods of 3 to 8 other team members. The zip line to return to the ground is a high point for many. The Odyssey is designed to build self-confidence, teamwork, trust, communication, awareness of strengths and limitations, respect for others and coping skills for dealing with anxiety and stress.  It is also fun for most! 

The High Team Challenge 'ILIAD' Course (HTC - Iliad) also offers a variety of experiences for client needs from recreation to intensive team building and is a bit more physical demanding than the Odyssey. This course is completed in partnerships of two people working together on one element at a time.  Like the Odyssey, it really pushes the opportunity to stretch the boundaries of comfort zone and physical challenge at heights of of 15 to 35 feet above the ground.  This Iliad provides the same learning opportunities as the Odyssey, and better serves those groups looking for more demanding physical and emotional (as in scary) challenges. 

The High Team Challenge 'DYNAMIC ELEMENTS' & 'GIANTS SWING' offers aditional kinds of challenges.  The two individual belayed elements called "Vertical Playground" and "Space Loops" require a great deal of upper body strength and thus demands greater physical excursions which can provide a huge dose of adrenaline.
The third element - the GIANTS Swing (that even the director of Venture yelps with excitement when swinging and spinning) -  offers a gut-check feeling which is not to be missed.  On the Swing, participants control how high they want to be raised by the group before starting their pendulum like drop.  See video below.

The Dynamic elements and Giants Swing are designed to push either the physical or mental boundaries while gaining self-confidence in a team environment along with awareness of strengths and limitations, trust, respect for others and coping skills for dealing with anxiety and stress.

        Please see more pictures below and additional pictures available upon request.

Please also see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below  for more questions and answers. 

The HTC - ODYSSEY COURSE: Typically within the entire group, a small pods of four teammates will travel as a group through a series of unforgettable challenges from 3 feet to 35 feet above the ground, then experience the thrill of the zip line to return back to the ground.


The HTC - ILIAD COURSE: In a partnership with another person, both will take on a series of physical demanding challenges to accomplish.


The HTC - DYNAMIC ELEMENTS: Clamber up the pole, achieve the platforms and attempt to take on two physical challenging belayed events, (Space Loops pictured on the left and right while Vertical Playground is the middle picture.)


The HTC High Swing:  Remember "underdogs" where someone pushing you ran under the swing to give you that "extra" boost.  Imagine that but x1000 for a thrilling swing not to forget!!  See the video below.



Frequently Asked Question's

1. Who do I contact to set up a program for my group?

For Non UNC Affiliated - off campus groups: (i.e. corporate groups, youths, church, etc,: Brian Capron.

For UNC Charlotte Groups (i.e. academic classes, clubs, athletic teams, Greeks: Scott Moulton

Because we are often away from the computer, out on the challenge course providing groups with an experience it may be a couple of days before we return phone calls or answer emails. If you are unable to reach either Brian or Scott, or you are calling during the month of July, please call the main office at:  704.687.0697

2. How do I choose which activity to use for my group?

When you speak with a Venture representive, they will be able to assist you in making a wise choice for your group based on the goals and objectives you may be seeking for a successful day.

3. What is the cost?

For Non-UNC Affiliated Groups: Cost varies per type of group, number of participants, meals, assessments options such as DiSC or Myers Briggs so please contact Brian Capron for a quote.

For UNC Charlotte groups:  (please contact Scott Moulton to set up a program for your group today)

Mobiles (portable challenges) - FREE! Location can be anywhere on campus. We do provide off site mobile programs for UNC groups for a nominal fee.

Team Challenge Course (TC) - FREE for groups under 100 participants for a range of 3 hours to a full or multi day program.  If program is less then 2 hours, we strongly recommend a mobile program.

HIGH Team Challenge Course (HTC)  (3.5 - 4 hours is the approximate amount of time to complete the course from start to finish for a group size of 8 - 20 participants)

Academic Class $5.00 per student (participation is a scheduled class activity for students)

All other UNC Charlotte groups (Orgs, Greeks, Staff)

  • HTC Oddyssey  $125 flat fee for 8-20 people. ($125 per each additional 8-20 participants)  [Most commonly provided program of the HTC activities]
  • HTC illiad  $175 flat fee for 8-20 people.  ($175 per each additional 8-20 participants)
  • HTC Dynamic Elements and Swing combo $100 flat fee for 8-20 people. 
  • HTC Giants Swing $75 flat feet for 8-20 people.

Indoor Climbing Wall

  • Academic Class $2.00 per student (participation is a scheduled class activity for students)
  • All other UNCC groups $65.00 flat fee for 8-15 people. ($65 per each additional 8-15 participants)

4. How Physical Is The Program?

Level of Physical Activity need not be a concern for the majority of our programs. We cater the programs to be appropriate for the group. Many of the activities can be altered to involve little to no physical challenge at all. Voluntary participation is emphasized: each participant chooses his or her own level of participation. No extra physical strength or conditioning is necessary to participate for mobile, team challenge course or the high team challenge course - Odyssey version. The illiad version of the high challenge course is physically challenging.  The staff will ensure that special attention will be given to warming-up, spotting, and safety procedures. These activities involve more perceived risk than actual risk. The attention to safety has resulted in an excellent safety record during Venture's 25+ years of operation of which Venture is also accredited by the Association for Experiential Education.

5. Why Experiential Training?

"We believe that learning is not a spectator sport. People learn best, not by being told but by experiencing the consequences of their thoughts and actions. Our role, then, is to arrange experiences that help people learn." (Instructors Creed, Training House, 1986)

6. Possible Program Outcomes:

Improving Team Performance Management Development Building Trust and Support Process or Quality Improvement Improving Communication Skills Improving Problem Solving Skills Leadership Development Managing Change

7. Max or Min Group Size:

Our minimum group preference is 8 participants however we have worked with smaller groups.  So far we have worked with 800 participants in an indoor setting at one time.  

On the Low Challenge Course, Venture is able to provide programs for groups approximately 100 people at one time.  

On the High Challenge Course, Venture is able to provide programs for large groups of 60+ participants.  The overall group may be split into sub groups and use a mixture of low and high challenge course elements.