High Team Challenge

Group on the high ropes course completing the second and third levelsThe High Team Challenge Course (HTC) provides for flexible programming that focuses on a variety of client needs.

What activities can I expect?

What is the minimum/ maximum time frame?

  • Minimum: 4 hours for a group of 8-20 people (more time required for more people)
  • Maximum: 1-day and multi-day programs are available

Where will the program take place? 

What are the goals?

  • Goals are created by you in consultation with a Venture staff member.
  • Common goals are:
    • Stretch comfort zones
    • Break down personal barriers
    • Build trust and cohesion

How physically demanding is this program?

  • HTC Odyssey, dynamic elements, and Giant's Swing require a mild to moderate level of physical exertion.
  • HTC Iliad is a bit more phsyically demanding.
  • Space Loops can be quite physically demanding if done “monkey bar” style (vs putting your feet in the loops).
  • Complete a booking or inquiry form to discuss with a Venture facilitator which program best fits the needs and abilities of your group.

What is the cost?

Prices vary based on group type, size and chosen programs.  Please submit an inquiry or booking form in order for our office to call you with more information regarding pricing for your group.

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Frequently Asked Questions