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Dave Sperry

Dave Sperry

Director of Venture Outdoor Leadership

Dave Sperry began his outdoor career – by accident – at Camp Berea in New Hampshire in the late 1980s. On days off, he would explore local rocks, rivers, and mountains with whoever else he could drag along. Before long, he realized these adventures were more than just adrenaline or "back-to-nature" fixes, and time spent pursuing them could actually build deep community and strengthen character.


Callie Auman

Assistant Director of Challenge Course and Team Building

Callie found her love for facilitation and the outdoors while working at a summer camp in southwest Colorado in 2009. While attending the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Callie applied to work for Team QUEST, UNCG’s challenge course facility, and decided to pursue experiential education as a career. From day one of training, she loved seeing how challenge course facilitation and experiential education could bring a group together.

Brian Holcomb

Brian Holcomb

Assistant Director for Trips

For as long as he can remember, Brian has been inspired by the outdoors and the opportunities for discovery it provides. He became immersed in outdoor activities as an undergraduate at the University of Richmond, participating in an outdoor orientation program and leading trips with the Outdoors Club, and discovered a dream to become an educator after his experience on a 28-day NOLS course in Wyoming. 

Kristin Coffey

Kristin Coffey

Associate Director of Adventure Leadership

Kristin is passionate about developing students through adventure education. She oversees the foundational training program for Venture's student leaders and coordinates the marketing efforts for Venture. Kristin can also be found teaching Introduction to Outdoor Adventures and VOLT Foundations as well as facilitating team building programs.

Ashlen Hammond

Office Manager

Ashlen Hammond joined the Venture Outdoor Leadership team in December 2019. She manages many of the day-to-day tasks that keep Venture program running smoothly!