Team Challenge Course

Group performing a low ropes course element

The Team Challenge Course (TC) has been successfully used by a wide variety of groups, including:

  • Youth groups
  • College sports teams
  • Student clubs and organizations 
  • Non-University affiliated business groups

For a group to be successful, planning, cooperation, trust, and taking on leadership roles is required.

What activities can I expect?

  • Icebreakers & get-to-know-you activities (as needed)
  • Problem-solving activities
  • Low-ropes activities involving cables, logs, and ropes

What is the minimum/ maximum time frame?

  • Minimum: 2 hours
  • Maximum: 1-day and multi-day programs are available

Where will the program take place? 

What are the goals?

  • Goals are created by you in consultation with a Venture staff member.
  • Common goals are:
    • Break down personal barriers
    • Build trust and cohesion

How physically demanding is this program?

You can work with your facilitator to tailor the physical challenge to your group's needs.

What is the cost?

Prices vary based on group size and chosen programs.  Please submit an inquiry or booking form in order for our office to call you with more information regarding pricing for your group.

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Frequently Asked Questions