Spring 2019 Adventure Trips

To Register for any Trip:

Trips are open for all UNC Charlotte students, faculty, staff, and community members, unless otherwise noted.

1. Fill out a 2018-2019 Medical Form or have a 2018-2019 Medical Form already on file with Venture.

To find the Medical Form on Niner Engage:

  1. Log in to Niner Engage using your NinerNet credentials.
  2. Search for Venture Outdoor Leadership and select the appropriate Organization.
  3. Click Venture Medical History Form 2018-2019 under the Forms section.

PLEASE NOTE: You only need to fill out this Medical Form once for the entire year.

2. Pay online or with cash or check in the Venture Office (225 Cone University Center).

*When you pay, you'll have the opportunity to list the trip(s) for which you're registering.

**Spaces on this trip are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.  Your registration is not complete until both steps are finished!

***Registration deadlines are (with rare exceptions) noon on Tuesday the week before the trip--this gives our University physician time to review your medical form.  

****You will receive a confirmation e-mail from Venture if/when your registration is approved, and the e-mail will include the trip waiver for you to read and sign.  

Pre-Trip Meeting Attendance Policy:

For trips with a pre-trip meeting, attendance at the meeting is required.  Registered participants who miss the pre-trip meeting will be taken off the trip roster and are not guaranteed a refund.  Please keep this in mind when making decisions about participation. 

Questions about trips or your registration status?  Reach out to us at venturedept@uncc.edu.

Required Pre-Trip Meeting: TBD based on participant availability

Price: Students $175, Faculty Staff $200, Community $225

Your Spring Break this year is going to be UNFORGETTABLE! The Red River Gorge is a hidden pocket of paradise within a day’s drive of Charlotte in eastern Kentucky. Join Venture on a 4-day trip where you’ll learn and practice rock climbing skills on the iconic sandstone cliffs and tent camp at a nearby campground.  You’ll amaze yourself at how much you can learn about rock climbing and camping in four days, and about how quickly friendships and community grow when experiencing the great outdoors with a supportive team. Take advantage of this opportunity to see a new part of the country, elevate your climbing skills and experience a Spring Break adventure! 

Pre-Trip Meeting: N/A

Cost: $40 for students, $60 for faculty/staff, $75 for community members

Jump in feet first - this trip is going to “wash away” all of your mid-semester boredom! Whitewater rafting is both exhilarating and cleansing between the roaring, thrashing rapids and the moments of still peace on the beautiful French Broad River.  Venture leaders will teach you paddle strokes, river features and risk management on the water while you work with your team to power the raft and navigate down this ancient river. Swimming skills are required.

Pre-Trip Meeting: N/A

Cost: $35 for students, $50 for faculty/staff, $65 for community members

You’ve never seen Crowders like this!  The nearby State Park, just 35 minutes from campus, is home to great hiking trails and rugged cliff faces.  This trip will combine a stout mile-long hike and scramble with a day of rock climbing. Experience a natural resource just outside Charlotte and challenge yourself to hike, scramble and climb on this day trip.  

Pre-Trip Meeting: 3/26, 5:30-7:00 PM

Cost: Students $70, Faculty & Staff $95, Community $110

Let Spring unfold under your feet! Grayson Highlands State Park in Southwestern Virginia has so many exciting things to offer: sweeping views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, vast meadows of wildflowers, and wild ponies and longhorns. This overnight trip will provide a perfect introduction to backpacking, where you and your team will carry everything you need to live in the outdoors for a weekend on your backs.  IMPORTANT: mid or high top hiking boots that cover the ankle bone are required to participate.

Pre-Trip Meeting: N/A

Cost: $40 Students, $60 Faculty & Staff, $75 Community

Make sure to catch this trip if you missed our last one! The French Broad River is a popular place with outstanding rapids for any beginner or veteran.  Test out your mental and physical capabilities on a beautiful day whitewater rafting outside of Asheville! Swimming skills are required.

Pre-Trip Meeting: 4/9 from 5:30-6:30pm

Cost: Students $45, Faculty & Staff, $55, Community $75

Tawney’s Cave is one of Venture’s secret spots for our favorite trips! Squeeze your way through a small entrance that leads into a huge cavern, clamber over and under the tunnels, and check out some breathtaking natural formations that most people will never see in their lifetime!  Your team will help inspire and encourage you to take on additional challenges of fitting through tight squeezes and maneuvers as your explore this subterranean world.

Pre-Trip Meeting: N/A

Cost: Students $25, Faculty & Staff $40, Community $55

The South Beyond 6,000 (SB6K) Challenge, organized by the Carolina Mountain Club, encourages hikers to scale the forty 6,000 foot peaks in the Southern Appalachian Mountains.  Those who complete the SB6K Challenge earn a patch as well as the satisfaction of having hiked the tallest mountains in the Southeast. Over the next few years, Venture Outdoor Leadership will travel to each of the peaks that our Commercial Use Permit allows us to access.  

Because of the elevation and the remote location of these mountains, participants should know these hikes are inherently strenuous physically, often present extreme weather and other hazards, and typically take 8 or more hours to complete.  Beginners are welcome, just expect a challenging and rewarding day!

Pre-Trip Meeting: 4/24, 5:30-8:00 PM

Cost: Students $45, Faculty & Staff $70, Community $85

Step up your whitewater game this weekend in a kayak!  You sit much lower in a kayak than you do on a raft, putting you much “closer to the action” of whitewater rapids.  During our pre-trip meeting, we’ll meet at the Venture office and later head over to the Belk pool to learn the basics of handling a kayak and what to do if you flip upside down.  Once you’ve learned your wet exit and basic paddling techniques, you’ll put your skills to the test on a beginner-friendly whitewater river. Swimming skills are required.

Male at top of mountainRock ClimbingHickers at Waterfall